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All About Water Garden Fountains

Posted by Admin on May, 02, 2013

A garden is part of the house where the family members can spend some peaceful moments alone or in each other’s company. And, if the garden happens to be beautifully decorated & maintained, it becomes more of a pleasure to spend some time there. Though, there are several ways you can make your garden look stunning & add to its splendor; one sure shot way is to install Water Garden Fountains. A Water Garden Fountain will make your garden look even more pretty & liven up the ambience in the best manner.

A wide range of attractive Garden Fountains are available these days, in different shapes and dimensions. They may be either large or small. Big gardens are decorated with bigger fountains, whereas the small fountains are appropriate for compact gardens. These Garden Fountains could be Pond Fountains or Wall Fountains. All types of Garden Fountains need proper maintenance and cleanliness.

Garden Fountains- Maintenance And Care

  • Clean It Regularly: If you are getting a Garden Fountain installed in your garden, then you must clean it regularly to keep mold & algae away. These fountains are exposed to dirt, animals, wind, snow, leaves and rain; therefore, the water in these fountains gets dirty easily. Therefore, regular cleaning is essential.
  • Remove Algae: Use specially treated chemicals or products in order to prevent the growth of algae which could affect the beauty aspect of the Water Garden Fountain.
  • Check For Water Leakage Periodically: Keep an eye on your Garden Fountain and check for any water leakage. In due course of time, the concrete base of the fountain may develop minuscule cracks which will lead to water leakage. If these cracks are not treated on time, then the condition of your Garden Fountain will deteriorate.
  • Check For Fountain Blockage: The fountain pipes can get blocked due to the residues and unwanted elements that fall in & clog it. The pipes should be inspected regularly in order to ensure that the Water Garden Fountain keeps on functioning properly.

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